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Prevoting, using mobile devices with NFC technology, and a new Express Voting Lane

You're at your local voting booth, and waiting in line to vote is one of the least productive things you can be doing right now. You look around and you see there's people using their phones tapping a box and leaving out the booth in 30 seconds.
Welcome to November, 2016. You don't know anything about the new Voting Express Lane and you arrive at your local voting booth, and while looking around you see signs with QR codes about downloading the new offline pre-voting app. You see people on their phones waiting in line, so you give it a try. You log in, 5 minutes go by and you've marked all the mayors you want to be elected and the governor.

You now have two choices: wait in line to get a unique id that's embedded into a QR code, or grab some paper and a pen and wait in line and manually vote...again. You got things to do, so you scan the QR code, the app connects with your voting data, and you wait in line. When you reach the booth, there's a tablet and an NFC tag area. You tap your phone, a confirmation asking you if you're sure about these choices pops up, you hit ok. In the background, the voting data is sent to the local server and it gets double checked by humans and a computer. Green light shows up, and you're back to doing the things you love to do.

I would love to save time doing this because when I first voted last year it was a hour long process. It shouldn't take longer than 15 minutes! Any money received for this project will go towards an agency that will build the application. The inspiration for this idea came from the NFC Tag Writer by NXP for Android phonesLevelUp, and Usability of Mobile Voting Using NFC Technology by Kerem Ok, Vedat Coskun, and Mehmet N. Aydin.

This is basically an updated version of a survey collector, so it can work great in events, seminars, and activities alongside Textizen. To be used in Puerto Rico or any other city or state officially it must be accepted by it's government.

The benefits for the government is that they can get real-time dashboard analytics on who's winning and the location of where the votes are coming from. It reduces the time to count the votes and the data will be released to the data portal where news agencies can air it on tv after the set time. Usually in the afternoon. Also there will be an increase of people voting who will normally not vote due to the interactive gamified aspects of prevoting.

The demo can be found at:
Research Paper:

What is your project? [1 sentence max]

Bump app for voting.

Where are you located?

Puerto Rico, USA

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entry submitted by: Jayvan Santos
March 17, 2013, 01:43AM
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